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No Blog last week so here is a quick recap of events: The students visited Big Agnes and Honey Stinger. Owner Bill Gamber was very gracious and went through his business journey in detail. That was followed up with a visit to Hala Gear, where owner/founder Peter Hall walked the kids through product development, product design and manufacturing. We also hosted two guest speakers: Mark Fischer, a laywer with Cantafio Law and Molly Hayes of Molly Manners! Mark discussed all aspects of law related to business formation, and Molly gave lessons in personal ettiquette, body language, etc.

This week started off with Routt County Board Chair, Ed MacArthur talking to the kids about managing personal budgets. He also presented a check for deposit (from one of our Badge sponsors) to Jason Oehme, our class treasurer. 

Tuesday we hosted Mentor and local Steamboat resident Terry Brown. Terry is the previous owner and founder of Wing Time Sauces and he is developing a new product line of healthy snacks. Terry focused on branding, explaining how he came up with his brand and how he developed that brand into a tremendous success. He aslo brought lots of product with him to share with the kids...yummy!

Wednesday we were lucky to have Board member Karen Wolters share her story. She taught the kids about developing your "tool chest," and she focused on business formation from initial idea to final product. Fascinating story and the kids were very engaged. She also gave the students some great ideas about brain storming business ideas and identifying your personal passions.

Thursday was an in-class catch up / work day. Much needed organizational time!

Friday we visited locally owned company Spiffy Dog. Owner Dave Gowdy covered many aspects of his business including the challenges of establishing manufacturing connections in Taiwan and China!

CEO Business Visits

CEO Guest Speakers

Terry Brown

Terry has literally and figuratively bottled his passion for business! Terry shared his awesome story with the students and focused on the concept of "branding." He developed Wing Time Sauces, and is currently developing a new line of healthy snacks. He brought lots of samples for the class to enjoy:  what better way is there to start the day!!!!

Spiffy Dog

Spiffy Dog
Spiffy Dog is a locally owned company that produces unique dog collars and harnesses. Owner Dave Gowdy walked the students through product design, manufacturing in China, shipping challenges and customer service.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

To me this was one of the best days of CEO we have had this year. We went to Hala Gear’s retail store and met with Peter who started the company by himself. His story was really intriguing and the different messages he presented also stuck. Overall it seemed like he had a genuine passion for giving us advice and was very well prepared. After he was finished I asked questions along with other students and I think I could have talked with him for another hour just about his products.

Jason Oehme

Jason Oehme
Thursday, September 14, 2017Learn More About Jason

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