The Week in Review

This week's review was written by Maria Santiago.

Monday the class took the day to talk and debrief our Badge Business. We did secure four sponsors who purchased advertising on our badges, lanyard and banners. Thanks so much to Rex's Family of Restaurants, Moving Mountains, Big Agnes/ Honey Stinger and Momentum Development. We are currently waiting on prototypes and hopefully within a week we will be displaying our badges and lanyards. Two students went to talk to PostNet and Northwest Graphics about finalizing designs and cost.

Tuesday the class participated in the Midland Institute's Speaker Spotlight series. We had a “conversation” with Kristen Hadeed, the creator and business owner of Student Maid. We watched the Speaker Spotlight on the Web and debriefed afterwards. Kristen had some great advice for young entrepreneurs, and is obviously quite passionate about business and helping others develop their own businesses.

Wednesday the class did numerous team building exercises. The first was finding your "match" based on well known word pairs (i.e., you would be "ying" and your partner would be "yang"). Each participant had a name on their back (that they could not see) and they had to first discover who they were by asking questions that could only be answered by a yes or a no. Once they discovered who they "were" they had to find their match and then share about things they each had in common. Another game was back to back drawing. Several more team building exercises took place and most focused on developing solid communication skills. Much fun and we did require the particiaption of the four guests who were visiting class.

Thursday we were joined by board members Ed MacArthur, Tara Weaver, Karen Wolters, Tracey Epley and Rich Lowe, as well as guest Bob Wolters. Rich did a presentation to the students about the different types of economic and political systems (capitalism, communism, etc.) The class then had an open discussion about the Pledge of Allegiance.

Friday the class spent most of the time brainstorming ideas for a class business (a "one and done" event). For the last 30 minutes of class Board member, Pam Palmquist, an accountant at THPK in Steamboat Springs joined us for a presentation on accounting.

Speaker Spotlight Series

Kristen Hadeed

Kristen Hadeed of Student Maid was featured in the Speaker Spotlight Series. We listened in as she answered questions presented by Austin Brooks of the Midland Institute

Economic and Political Systems

Rich Lowe
Rich Lowe joined class today to lead a discussion on the different economic and political systems (capitalism, communism, etc.) 


Pam Palmquist

Board Member Pam Palmquist joined the class on friday to discuss her role as a CPA and how CPAs work with businesses, especially new start ups.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Today Karen Wolters and a couple of her friends came in and watched our class but the interesting part was Mitch, our facilitator, included all of our guests. I thought it was awesome and super personal when we got to interact with successful entrepreneurs in our community. We were having fun but also learning from the team building activities.

Jordan Klouw

Jordan Klouw
Thursday, September 28, 2017Learn More About Jordan

Today we did a series of team building games. These games helped us use our communication skills. I thought it was really fun! It was also a great way to get to meet and really get to know the Board members/guests in our class. I found it very interesting to talk to Mr. Walters. We talked about studying abroad and how he lived in Spain for around 14 years! He told me about the time that he ran in the streets with the bulls! I also learned that his wife didn’t start her business until later in her life. It was really neat to have a personal conversation with him. He also told me about his business and college story. I would really like to get to know our Board members better after that experience.

Hayden  Entress

Hayden Entress
Thursday, September 28, 2017Learn More About Hayden

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