October 2 - 6 Review

This week's review was written by Isaiah DeJesus

Monday: Today was a great way to start off the week. No distractions, just the whole class together! No business visits, and no guest speakers. Turned out to be a very productive day as we got very close to finalizing our group business idea.

Tuesday: Today we started class off class at Talon Grips, a small  local business that produces very cool grips for guns. Despite very humble beginnings, Mike Morris and his wife now run a very successful business where all the employees seem like family! Mike started the business out of back bedroom in their house and have grown Talon grips significantly. They have a large warehouse and office space that includes evey aspect of the business from manufactoring their products to shipping!

Wednesday: We started off with meeting two great individuals: Geoff Pettis and Reed Jones.  They gave us a wonderful presentation on networking and how helpful it is to be able to say “hey, I know a guy...”!!!  They also gave us an "image" to use to be helpful when you are meeting new people and struggling with how to strike up a conversation. The image is to trigger your memory: imagine a mail box and inside the mailbox there is a diploma, and next to it there is a paycheck; on top of the mailbox there is a cruise ship, then finally there is a set of golf clubs on the ship. Each object represents a question you can ask to get the conversation started: where do you live, where did you go to school, what do you do for work, what the last place you travelled to, and what are your hobbies . If you can't rmember any good questions, fall back is to ask them when was the last time they wore a cape!!!!

Thursday: Today was antoher class work day. We were joined by two board members Ed Macarthur and Roger Good. We debriefed our business visit to Talon Grips; we made individual business cards that we will hand out to people; we worked a bit on personal budgets; we started to look at the results of our PDP testing and we finalized our idea for a group business. Watch out becuase we all know ROUTT COUNTY'S GOT TALENT!!!!!

Friday: Professional development day for teachers so class today.

CEO Business Visits

CEO Guest Speakers

Business Visit

Talon Grips

This week's visit was to Talon Grips. Owner Mike Morris did an awesome job of explaining to the students the ins and outs of running your own successful business. Talon Grips produces custom grips for guns. Coolest part was everything is done in house including the manufactoring of all their products. Very much a tight knit, family like business. Employees wear many "hats" and are all passionate about their products. 

Check them out at TalonGrips.com


Geoff Pettis and Reed Jones
Geoff Pettis (the Lawyer with the Bowtie!!!) and Reed Jones came to class to discuss Networking. A fasinating subject for our class. The students were quite taken in by both Geoff's and Reed's enthusiasm, dynamic speaking style and their passion for what they do in the business world. Everyone walked away with a clear understanding of the power of networking.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

On Wednesday of this week we hosted two guest speakers, Geoff Petis and Reed Jones came to class to present the topic of "networking." Throughout the class we received business cards (and candy!!) as we answered questions: so we were learning, snacking and building our new networks at the same time...Cool! During the presentation we worked on talking to each other so we could improve our conversational skills.  We went through a list of "starter topics" we could use to talk to each other. I struggled with this exercise because I am shy with people I don’t know too well, but I tried to come out of my shell and talk. I was partnered up with Jordan, and I learned a lot about her!

Joshua Taing

Joshua Taing
Wednesday, October 4, 2017Learn More About Joshua

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