Although we did not visit any business this week, it was a very productive week, highlighted by three guest speakers: Board Member Tracey Epley on Tuesday, Anita Cameron from the North West Loan Fund on Thursday, and local business woman and CEO Mentor, Ellen Kendall.

Monday and Wednesday were class work days. We wrapped up our Badge and Banner Business. The kids are now wearing the name/tag bagdes and lanyards: they look awesome! They made group business cards to help their networking efforts. The banners are done and on Monday will hang over the door of our classrom (UCHealth/YVMC).

We finally had an a opportunity to go through the results of our PDP (Professional Dynametrics Programs) testing. These results will help us inform our team building as we progress through the scaffolded challenges of the year. At the most basic level the test assigns individuals into performance traits: Dominance, Extroversion, Pace/Patience and Conformity. One quarter of the class falls in the "Dominance" category, one quarter in the "Extroversion" category and one half in the "Pace/Patience" category.

Two of our students, Isaiah DeJesus and Jordan Klouw are travelling with Board Member Roger Good to present CEO concepts and share their experience to date with a large group of constituents from all over Colorado.

The biggest news is that the class has come to a consensus on the next phase of Routt County CEO, our class business! I am sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal the details of the event until we clear a few hurdles! We started a SWOT analysis for the business and next week will begin the task of understanding business plans and designing an appropriate business plan for our "top secret" endeavor!

Culture of Excellence

Tracey Epley
Board member Tracey Epley talked to the kids about the fundamentals of creating excellence in client and customer services. She has a history of helping companies (law firms in particular) establish standards of behavior that lead to a culture of excellence. Tracey was passionate about this topic, and the kids asked some great questions while trying to connect the principles to their specific practices and goals.


Anita Cameron

Anita Cameron, the director of the Northwest Loan Fund came to class on Thursday. She introduced the kids to the concept of borrowing money, and walked them through the process from the perspective of a young entrepreneur just starting a business. The kids were very engaged and all now have a much better idea of why they may need to borrow money, when they should borrow money and how to borrow money.


Ellen Kendall

Local business woman and CEO Mentor, Ellen Kendall was our Friday the 13th guest speaker!!! Turned out to be a lucky day after all!

She is an expert in organizational development and improvement. Ellen talked to the kids about running meetings that focus on effectiveness, efficiency and engagement. The timing of her visit was excellent as the kids are about to embark on a phase of the class that will require many, many "meetings" as they drive towards acheiving the goal of creating the Class (group effort) Business. 

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Today we went through part of the PDP results as a class. Learning about each other's traits helped us to identify each individual’s personality at a deeper level and get to know the overall class dynamic better. Today we were also assigned either to find a business to visit as a class or to book a guest speaker to come to class. Between the visits and our guest speaker we hope to cover a broad list of key business concepts over the course of the year.

Theo  Hansen

Theo Hansen
Tuesday, October 10, 2017Learn More About Theo

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