Week in Review - 11/6 -11/10

This week's review was written by Jason Oehme.

To start off a very busy week, we were introduced to Steve Herron by student Hayden Entress on Monday morning. Steve talked to the class about his experience in the oil industry. He spoke about the opportunities he seized and the many challenges he has and will continue to face. His story and the way he presented himself was very professional and prepared and we would like to thank him for that.

On the following Tuesday, we were lucky enough to visit the local Sears store and talk with co-owners Jim Hansen and Kevin Sankey. After a quick tour of the store and the delivery space out back, we discussed the complex situation involved in owning a store that is owned by such a large corporation. It was very intriguing and that was quite apparent by the number of questions students asked.

On Wednesday and Thursday we began to work on our class video. This involved poster making, memorizing a short script, and acting outside on some cold November mornings. It was a good amount of work but it was all worth it as the video will be used to help convince other school districts in Colorado to adopt the CEO program.

Friday we continued to prepare for our upcoming Investor Appreciation event. It will be a catered event on Nov 28 at Olympian Hall (Howelsen HIll). We are looking forward to giving back to our very generous investors.

CEO Business Visits

CEO Guest Speakers

Steve Herron

One recent assisgnment was for each student to book either a guest speaker or a business visit. Hayden Entress invited Steve Herron to come to class on Monday. Steve walked the kids through his experiences in the oil and transportation industry. Steve is a very polished speaker and very accomplished business man. The kids were very intrigued by his delivery and his positive message.

Thanks to Board member Tracey Epley for sitting on Monday's class.


Jim Hansen
We had a great visit at our local Sears Hometown Store. Owners Jim Hansen and Kevin Sankey hosted the kids and walked them through the ins and outs of running a retail outlet store. Details of the discussion included employee management,  ordering product, delivery o f product, profits, losses and customer service. The kids felt very welcomed and had many solid questions for both Jim, Kevin and his floor manager.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Today at Sears we got to learn how they work as a local and chain business. Jim said that although they are a Sears store, Sears is a competitor!. I found it really interesting and cool how well both Kevin and Jim (the two owners) worked together. They said it was due to their similar values and life priorities. They spoke a lot about how important customer service is, and the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. We talked about Amazon and how the changing market/different technologies can affect their business. They also stressed the importance of learning from experiences and tackling opportunities. Overall, it was a very kind and friendly business, and it definitely motivated me to be a more thoughtful, grateful, and mindful person.

Hayden  Entress

Hayden Entress
Tuesday, November 7, 2017Learn More About Hayden

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