Week in Review 12/4 - 12/8

This week's review was written by Theo Hansen.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday class time was spent on the class business: a local talent show hosted at the chief theater on February 15th 2018. The class brainstormed advertising ideas, created poster designs, created new attraction ideas, created a strong plan for the rest of the year, established deadlines, landed on a charity with the help of Mark Andersen, and worked with the project’s budget.

Thursday the class visited Deer Park Road and met with Michael Scheckman, the founder of the investing firm. Learning about the stock market, hedge funds, mutual funds, the the kids were exposed to the life of an investor/broker and learned about the numerous ways money can be invested. Michael also shared his personal story (very fascinating) and toured us around his office building "Deer Park Rd." The building itself is quite stunning: beautiful design, beautiful artwork and functional spaces!

On Friday we visited with local entrepreneur, business executive, adventurer and fireworks guru Tim Borden! Tim walked us through the process of creating world class fireworks. He is currently designing and building what will be the world's largest firework: a 62 inch diameter firework! Tim also shared his fascinating personal story and business journey.

For more details on our visits this week, click on the links to each business visit.

CEO Business Visits

Deer Park Road

Michael Scheckman
Deer Park Road is an investment firm located in Steamboat Springs. Michael Scheckman, owner and CEO of the firm, shared his personal business journey with the students. He discussed the nature of hedge funds, mutual funds, bonds and a variety of other investments. He also explained how he has a created a unique culture within his corporation that in many ways reflects and supports the passions of his employees. The building "Deer Park Road" which houses the firm is one of the most impressive buildings in Steamboat. The kids were blown away by the facility and left saying, "Wow, I want to work there!!!"


Tim Borden

Tim Borden, adventurer, entrepreneur, business executive and hobbyist walked us through all phases of creating world class fireworks. This was a fascinating business visit because Tim is so passionate about building fireworks and it is such a unique, intense and dangerous undertaking. Not only does Tim launch massive fireworks shows (July 4th, Winter Carnival, etc) he also designs and builds fireworks that only a few people in the world know how to make or have the ability and equipment to make. He is currently working on building a world record 62 inch (diameter) firework, which upon successful launch will be a Guiness World Record (in several categories).

Tim also shared his personal and business journey. From law school to world class bobsledding to mining to the Denver Broncos to banking to bungee jumping to philanthropy to world record Fireworks, etc. Tim lives a truly fascinating life. We are lucky to have him call Steamboat home!

Student Journal Highlights for this week

I thought the story [Michael Scheckman] told about his brother was really interesting. His brother started collecting old 16mm film when he was a kid, and he kept collecting film through college. It was just a big hobby. But, when he had an internship, he was able to use some of the film he had collected for a tv ad for the company he was working for. He was then able to create his own business with all the film he had collected. That story goes to show that if you are truly passionate about something, you can make a career out of it. You can find a creative way to succeed. Don’t stop doing something you love because you feel like it is not useful or it will not bring you money or success.

Hayden  Entress

Hayden Entress
Thursday, December 7, 2017Learn More About Hayden

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