THIS WEEK IN CEO - 12/11 - 12/15

Quite a busy week!

On Monday we found out that another local organization was advertising to put on a local talent show. We had just started working on our marketing materials to push forward with our class business, talent show: WZ GOT TALENT.  The kids talked about the obstacle and decided that it would be best to alter our plans. After some deliberation they landed on a new idea: WZ GOT FILM. It will be a celebration of local and/ regional short films that have an "outdoor" theme. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Routt County Search and Rescue. The date of the event will likely be either Feb 27, Feb 28 or March 1 and it will be held at the Chief Theater.

Tuesday we were joined by Board member Tara Weaver and mentor Ellen Kendall. Tara and Ellen have much experience with event planning and they helped the students better understand some of the challenges facing their upcoming class business event.

Wednesday we visited Cruisers, a local "surf vibe" sub shop. Owner Kris Shea shared his business journey and discussed the ins and outs of running a food service business.

Thursday many of our students brought friends to class to get a taste of CEO. We were lucky to have guest Terry Brown join us and lead the class. Terry is the former owner of Wing Time brand sauces. He is currently about to hit the market with a new brand: Altitude Snacks. All the students helped Terry with a formal and documented taste testing of his new products.

Friday, we visited our local paper, The Steamboat Today. Publisher Suzanne Schlict and editor Lisa Schlictman walked the  kids through the process of producing a daily newspaper.

CEO Business Visits

Event Planning

Tara Weaver and Ellen Kendall

In preparation for the class business we were lucky to be joined by Board member Tara Weaver and CEO mentor Ellen Kendall. They led a discussion on event planning. It was an important day given that the kids had to alter their plans (at the last minute) for the class business. Many things were discussed that the kids needed to hear in regard to effective and efficient planning of a large scale event.

Stay tuned for more information regarding WZ GOT FILM

Cruisers Sub Shop

Kris Shea

Wednesday morning we had a great visit at Cruisers Sub Shop. Owner and founder Kris Shea was very gracious with his time and his awesome home made cookies! Kris shared his personal business journey and focused on the start up aspect of Cruisers. He spent some time explaining daily food ordering and the challenges associated with stocking the necessities to make the business thrive. Kris also talked about his efforts to create a particular "vibe" that makes customers feel good about their choice to eat at Cruisers. Their subs and other specialties are awesome, if you have not yet tested their wares, get over to Cruisers and enjoy!

Altitude Snacks

Terry Brown

So Thursday was "bring a friend to class" day! The idea was to give some students a taste of CEO and man, did that ever literally happen! We were lucky to have Terry Brown come by and lead a taste testing of his new line of snacks: Altitude Snacks. Terry first walked the kids through a Prezi presentation of his new product and then we did a formal taste testing of about eight different dried fruit and nut blends. Super healthy snacks with amazing flavor profiles. After the tasting Terry was able to get some great feedback from all the kids. Thanks again Terry and we really look forward seeing Altitude Snacks on the shelfs of local businesses.

Steamboat Today

Suzanne Schlict

Friday we were lucky to have both Suzanne Schlict (publisher) and Lisa Schlictman (editor) lead the kids through a discussion about the challenges of producing a daily newspaper. A very interesting process with very strict deadlines day in and day out. Both Suzanne and Lisa were very gracious to share their personal journies (leading to their current profession) and provide some excellent insight as the students start to focus on their individual businesses. Hopefully the students can collaborate with the paper to help drive their class business as well as there individual businesses.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Today we visited Tim Borden’s warehouse and learned about how he has always done what he was interested in. Learning about how he has always based his life on happiness over success truly affected me in my thoughts on future endeavors. Learning that money isn’t everything, I am more lost on what I want to become when I grow up, but am more comfortable with that realization than I was before.

Theo  Hansen

Theo Hansen
Thursday, December 7, 2017Learn More About Theo

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