The Year of Living Digitally

Very busy and productive week. We made great progress on several fronts. The kids all have their individual business ideas dialed in. They have all practiced their "elevator pitches" and are ready to begin the arduous task of translating their business idea into a business reality. From Bullwhips to Language Translation the businesses reflect the uniqueness of each student.

Our class business WZ GOT FILM is taking shape. We completed our digital and physical poster and are ready to push the marketing button and drive towards success. The students will begin seeking prizes for the auction (end of the film night), and all proceeds from the auction will go directly to Routt County Search and Rescue.

On Wednesday we were really lucky to have Thoryn Burke Stephens come to class and talk to the kids about Digital Optimization, Digital Accleration and Artificial Intelligence in the Business World. One of the most fascinating topics we have been exposed to this year. The kids were super engaged and were full of great questions: the digital revolution is their world!

CEO Guest Speakers

Digital Revolution

Thoryn Burke Stephens

Thoryn is a prominent business and web analytics professional with expertise in complex data problem solving, data architecture, consumer insights, testing/personalization/recommendations and systems development. With fifteen years of management experience, he is responsible for growth and strategic development within companies such as Unilever, American Apparel, Fox Networks (Fox Broadcasting, FX Networks, and Fox Sports), and Amgen.

His documented skill in analyzing user behavior data produces actionable results across a wide variety of platforms and applications. Recently speaking engagements on digital growth have included universities such as Wharton and top-tier digital conferences in Cannes, Sydney, Tokyo, London, Sao Paolo, etc.

Thoryn has a degree in biotechnology with a focus in molecular and cell biology, with multiple scientific publications. His work has led efforts in cardiovascular and infectious disease drug development programs.

Thoryn walked the kids through numerous examples of digital optimization and digital accleration. Relating "digital" success stories from companies like Dominos Pizza and Starbucks, the kids were fascinated by the possibilities.The world is changing fast and these kids need to be prepared for the challenges that come with the exponential changes taking place right now. This was a great introduction to that world. Thanks Thoryn!

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Hello, my name is Theo Hansen. Do you ever feel that you aren’t able to reach your full potential in a short ski day, or ever crave a run through the terrain park in the heat of summer? Fear not, Ice Top Rails has your solution. This new company’s primary focus is to give skiers and riders a lightweight, portable and durable rail that can meet all the needs of any level skier. Marketed towards the everyday skier, this new product will bring the park home and end your skiing withdrawals in mid July. Come by and check out our wide range of products, ranging from short boxes to long kinked rails.

Theo  Hansen

Theo Hansen
Tuesday, January 23, 2018Learn More About Theo

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