Monday: Ski Haus business visit.

Tuesday: Guest Speaker Geoff Petis discussing LLCs, Patents, Copyrights, etc.

Wednesday: Off the Beaten Path business visit.

Thursday: Kid's pounding the pavement seeking donations for WZ GOT FILM.

Friday: No class: Winter Carnival / Teacher Professional Development Day

CEO Business Visits

CEO Guest Speakers

Ski Haus

Rod Schrage

Kicked off the week with a visit to Ski Haus. We met with owner Rod Schrage who walked us through all aspects of running a large ski/bike/hike (etc.) retail space. Rod focused on the evolution of the business over the years. He zoned in on some of the challenges of meeting both employee and customer needs while keeping a sharp eye on profitability. Rod clearly has a love for what he does and his passion for the industry is very evident in the inviting space they have created over the years.

Business and Law

Geoff Petis
Local lawyer and CEO Mentor, Geoff Petis joined the class on Tuesday. Geoff was very patient with the kids in explaining numerous legal parameters that directly impact business and businesses. He focused on limited liability corporations, partnerships, patents, fraud, copyrights and trade secrets. He was great about relating the concepts to the individual businesses the kids are pursuing. The kids asked great questions, and hopefully have a better understanding of the some of the legal issues that define the business world.

Off The Beaten Path

Ron Krall
On Wednesday we joined Ron Krall at the very cool Off The Beaten Path Bookstore. Ron prepped a lesson for the kids which was a very pleasant surprise. He gave the kids a detailed business scenario that showed a business losing a large chunk of money over the course of one year. He asked the kids to read the scenario carefully and then put them in small groups to discuss ways of fixing those "losses." The group then came together to process the exercise. It was a great way to "show" instead of "tell" the real life challenges of starting up a business. Ron also talked a bit about his past business experience including a long stint in the pharmaceutical industry.

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