The Week Before the Week Before and Bath Bombs Away!!

Monday: Elk River Pet and Ranch Business Visit

Tuesday: In class prep for WZ GOT FILM

Wednesday: Molly Manners (Molly Hayes) Guest Speaker

Thursday: More WZ GOT FILM preparation

Friday: Guest Speakers: Eileen and Jack Cashen of Kitt's Bath

CEO Business Visits

Elk River Pet and Ranch

Michelle and Colby Townsend

On Monday we visited Elk River Pet and Ranch. Owners Michelle and Colby Townsend walked the kids through the business' history, and focused on some of the challenges they faced in creating Steamboat's priemier pet and ranch retail store. They were very honest and talked about how some mistakes they made along the way shaped their business journey. Colby spent some time talking to the kids about the changing agriculture industry and some of the scholarship opportunities for students pursing careers in agriculture.

Thanks Michelle and Colby!

Thank You!

Molly Hayes

Molly Hayes of Molly  Manners visited class on Wednesday. Molly did a phenomenal job of presenting a lesson on the proper way to draft and complete a thank you note. She walked the kids through a variety of important steps in the process and had us all do some fun role playing with thank you notes! THANK YOU!

Kitt's Bath

Eileen and Jack Cashen

Young entrepreneurs and brother and sister Eileen and Jack Cashen came to class on Friday to talk about their business Kitt's Bath. When I say young I mean young! Eileen is in middle school and Jack is a high school freshman. They have formed a company that makes bath and shower bombs! Their handmade all natural products dissolve in water and give off great fragrances.They presented their business plan and website and then answered numerous questions that we all had. They have a great product; these two young entrepreneurs will go far!!

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